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Every Business is trying their best to keep afloat, especially in the times of drying up lead

s and shrinking pipeline. However, some businesses are doing something very smart and are still on the top-of-the game.

They are still getting business calls and thriving in the market just yet, in spite of the uncertainty and the so called - downward-swirl.

‘DIGITAL PR’ is what they are doing.


In simpler terms, the usage of various online platforms to create awareness, manage and enhance your reputation while making your target audience understand your business is Digital PR.

The idea is to gain maximum exposure through earned media in the online space that will improve your SEO and page rankings.

This is achieved, by gaining high-quality backlinks from websites, online publications, news sites, blogs, social media, business networks and customer reviews.

This involves networking and maintaining relationships with journalists, bloggers and online influencers related to your business.

Ultimately, you have to reach your TG on the websites they read, social media accounts or even videos and podcasts they watch and listen.

Again, to sum it up this is what smart businesses are doing with Digital PR : -

  1. Create awareness through all online possible platforms

  2. Social Media Marketing

  3. Making their audience understand the business better

  4. Get maximum exposure through earned media online

  5. Improve their SEO & Search rankings

Here is an example.

Let us say, you are an Architecture firm. A good Digital PR strategy will focus on getting your business featured on online publications like news portals, online magazines and websites that write about your industry. These are also known as trade publications.

These may specifically cover architects, interior designers, projects, gardening and tips for real estate owners. Not to mention industry specific blogs and good reviews from your customers would too enhance your SEO efforts.

Authored by - Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta is the Chief Consultant & Digital Strategist at Austen C&C and is

known to create brand stories from a cross-functional marketing perspective for almost 15 years.

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